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We offer a full menu of website and

social media services for small and big businesses.


Since the great recession, thousands of new small businesses have been created all over the country. These small businesses need to create a brand that reflects their values, is easy to understand and is consistent on all their platforms (website, social media, business cards, signage, etc.).

We will meet with you in person or online and have a branding consultation. At that consultation, we will create your brand, your identity and can even begin creating a logo. (We have an experienced graphic designer to assist us.)

If you have a brand and need re-branding, we also provide consultation and direction. Re-branding may mean only refining or it may be a complete overhaul.

Branding is one of our main services and we enjoy helping companies create their identity in the workplace.

Blog Writing

When it comes to building your brand and educating present and potential clients, it doesn’t get much better than a blog.

Blogs help you build brand awareness, increase Search Engine Optimization indexing, educate your client base, entertain customers, drive traffic to your site, provide technical support, enhance customer service and interaction and create a community around your product.

Using keywords, key phrases, and title-tags, blogs are a cost-effective and credible way for you to market your product or service.

I can write blog(s) for your business or organization. I write blogs on technical, educational, business, entertainment or any number of topics, I’ll write them and publish them on time, at the deadline.

Increase traffic to your site and build loyalty to your brand!


You have a product or service and you want it to be attractive to potential customers.

In just seconds, your potential customer needs to see what you have to offer, figure it out and then make a decision to buy it or contact you for more information.

You want copy that is fresh, informative, easy-to-read and a top-notch seller’s tool to bring in revenue.

I will write that fresh copy for you that can be understood, not only by your local, national and even international clients as well.

I’ll also publish it by your deadline.

Then, watch the revenue come in!

Content Management

Every website’s copy and content should be updated on a regular basis.
Search engines respect sites that have a new copy, graphics, photos, videos, and other content.

My company can edit your site(s), update it, and add copy. I can also add new pages and content, upload videos, download white papers, add squeeze pages, upload photos, and graphics, add blogs and coupons and any other material.

I can update your site on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis while your company does everything else.

Let my company turn your site into a fresh sales and information powerhouse.

Keep your clients on your site and wanting more!

SEO and Marketing

Search Engines can assist your company or stop your company from reaching your potential.
How? It’s all in the keywords and keyword phrases.
What words and phrases (along with title tags) that are you using on your site to bring in clients? If you’re not using the best marketing keywords and terms in your copy, you may be pushed down, past pages one and two in the popular search engines, where people look to find vendors.

Unfortunately, they can’t buy from you if they can’t find you in the first few pages.

I’ll write and edit your copy and title tags so that you can be found on the web.

Maximize your Search Engine Optimization and your profits by using keywords in your copy!


Email newsletters are still a very popular way to let clients and others know about your products and services.

They can also be boring and then ignored by the reader within seconds of downloading them.

I can write the copy, photo captions and other information on your newsletter so that readers will check out what you have to say.

Reject the boring stuff. Time is short. Make sure your newsletter is crisp, tight and easy-to-read.
Make sure your newsletter is where clients stop, read and learn!

Social Media Management

Let’s face it: If you don’t have a Facebook page, you don’t exist.

Social media is here to stay. Often, it is the only copy some people read all day.

In order to maximize your profits, you must have a Facebook page and other social media, to keep people excited, informed and interested in your products and services.

Most companies and organizations know that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Yelp, Linkedin, ietc.) are a cheap and easy way to reach customers.

Unfortunately, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean they do it right.

Increase your Social Media Presence and build loyalty to your brand. Bring in those young adults, boomers and other savvy web-types with photos, contests, and copy.

Turn your Social Media into a Sales Tool and bring in the Fans, Friends, and Revenue!


You have the product. You have the copy.

Now, you need a voice to sell it.

You need a professional, experienced voice that can create the mood that clients will trust and listen to.

You need a voice that will be part of your brand. That voice may be serious, uplifting, humorous, engaging, comforting or whatever tone you need.

I can provide that voice.

Commercial spots for radio and television. Documentaries. Intros. Outros. In-store Announcements. Hotel lobby ads. Movies. Theatrical releases. Website ads and more.

I’ll even write the script for it if you don’t have one!

Sample Voiceovers
Let My Voice be Your Brand!

Website Design/Redesign

Every small business needs a website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, has well-written and accurate copy and contains fully optimized, high-resolution images.

We can design your new website from the logo to the contact page and all content in-between.

Based on your needs, we develop websites on WordPress or HTML5 platforms. We can create a responsive design website or a custom website. Our staff has highly trained and experienced website developers.

We will also build it on time and launch it so it can get to work for your business right away.

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