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The Story Behind Philip Day Communications

I love to write.

You name it: copywriting, scriptwriting, blog writing, content management, titles, title tags, meta-tags, social media postings, even emails. I just enjoy doing it!

Since the day I cut my teeth on my hometown newspaper, The Roanoke Times (Roanoke, Virginia), which I read cover-to-cover, I have enjoyed the written word. I could not wait to sit down on the couch in the den and read the sports (always first), entertainment, news, and the classifieds. My day was not complete until I consumed that entire paper.

From there, I added my favorite writer, Rod Serling, to the reading list. His captivating prose in his novels The Twilight Zone, More Stories from The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery kept me up late at night. I could not get enough of his realistic characters caught up in unrealistic situations. Serling was brilliant and I read them with the same child-like fascination that I did thirty-some years ago.

Also, Serling’s unmistakable baritone voice from his intros and outros for his hit T.V. show, The Twilight Zone, got me interested in the world of voiceovers and voice characterizations. I love doing them as much as I do writing.

Philip Day

Copywriter, Blog Writer, Website Designer, and Communicator

‍Day is an experienced public relations and marketing professional. He has built websites, written copy, and managed social media for a variety of businesses.

Philip Day at Rod Serling Hollywood Star

Then came the beloved T.V. show, The Waltons. John-Boy Walton’s love for writing, which was done from the window of his room, further made me interested in writing as a profession. (Ironically, the real ‘John-Boy’ was Earl Hamner whose actual home is only thirty miles from where I live.)

By the time I was seventeen years old, I wanted to write like Rod Serling and John-Boy Walton. I wasn’t sure what genre and for whom, I just wanted to do it.

Thankfully, I was able to do just that.

Since graduating from Liberty University in 1986 with a Communications degree and a Journalism minor, I have written news and advertising copy for local television and radio.

Additionally, I have created public relations inserts and pieces, written website copy, edited copy for websites, photographed events and uploaded pics, created Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, written blogs, and media releases managed web content and social media. I have also photographed clients, performed voiceovers for radio and television, edited novels and short stories, written and edited short stories, edited and published newsletters, and planned and executed special media events.

Presently, I am working on several scriptwriting projects. One is a television script that will be sent to the major networks.

The fact is: writing is what I do and is the product of it!

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