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The King of all Search Engines Wants You: Why Your Business Needs to Utilize Google My Business

When someone says, “You need to use {insert social media channel} for your business!” your eyes probably roll to the back of your head. Not another social media channel, please! I get that and understand.

Channels come and go. It’s hard to keep up with it.

However, there is a social channel you need to know about and make a part of your social media and search engine strategy: Google My Business.

Google My Business, owned and operated by browser mega-giant, Google, has been around a while but it has grown in importance since a not-so-exciting debut a few years ago. Google My Business started in 2014 as free social media platform for businesses to advertise their services.

It is essential for your business for these reasons:

1. It’s owned by Google!: What more do you need to know? Google is the largest and most powerful search engine in the world. You will be on their search engines automatically once you create an account. Google will then index your page and it will show up in the search engines and on Google Map.

2. Google Maps: Now that you are on Google My Business, your business can be set in Google Maps, so it then will be found on the internet and on the Google Maps app and website. Clients and prospects can find you easier or for the first time! Maps are also like free advertising. You can send them right to your door.

3. Welcome Offers: GMB allows you to attract new customers and keep present customers loyal by allowing you to share offers. New and existing customers will receive automatic offers that get saved in the “Offers Folder”. Offers = Sales!

4. Request a Quote: Another free sales tool. Customers can ask for any service that you offer. You can reply to them in the Google My Business app. This option makes quick sales for you and gives a positive consumer experience (still very important to Google!) to your customer.

5. Customer/Prospect Engagement: GMB’s “Q & A” feature allows for customers and prospects to ask the business a question. It offers single-word comments and you can even “Up-vote” them, too. This also requires the app.

6. Search Engine Value: When your listing is on Google My Business, you automatically get search engine value. That is priceless as Google, still the largest, richest and most powerful search engine on the internet, will be featuring your business in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for free. If you optimize it well, you may also be higher up in the results.

7. Convenience: Your GMB listing also brings a convenience for clients and prospects as they can: A) find you easier, B) click on your website quicker, C) see review rankings, D) find your phone number and click it to call, E) see the Google Map and double-click it to the app or website for directions.

8. Popularity: GMB is growing in popularity as a place for businesses to advertise. Almost 60% of businesses are registered here.

9. Free: You don’t have to pay any fees to maintain your business listing. Just use it regularly.

Google My Business should become a regular feature of your marketing strategy. Posting daily or weekly will help you gain stronger search engine results which brings more customers. It is a proven way to engage and sell.

Philip Day Communications has experienced social media managers who can create your Google My Business listing and manage it along with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Call us at (434) 227-7829 or We serve Charlottesville, VA, Richmond, VA, Washington, D.C. and the entire USA.

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